Purchasing Vanishing Murals NFT using a Credit Card

If you encounter any difficulties during the process, please email info@inoa.ai

Step 1

Design Selection

Choose your favorite NFT design

Step 2

Tier Selection

Super Collector:
NFT + Original Canvas Painting of Artwork

NFT + Limited Edition Print of Artwork


After you select your preferred tier, click on "Mint Selected NFT"

Step 3

Payment Method

To pay with your credit card, click on "Continue with email"

Step 4

Email Sign-In

If you are using Gmail by Google as a provider, you can select "Sign in with Google". For all other email providers, manually enter your email.

Step 5

Email Verification

Check your email inbox for a verification code from "Vanishing Murals". If the email is not appearing in your inbox, check your spam folder. (It should take less than 15 minutes for the code to reach your inbox)

Step 6

Complete Payment

Enter your credit card details to purchase the NFT.

Step 7

Complete Onboarding

Sign in with your email to be granted access to the claim page and to join our community.

Step 8

Email Sign-In

Important: Use the SAME email address as you used to purchase the NFT

p/s: If you are using Gmail by Google as a provider, you can select A) "Sign in with Google". For all other email providers, manually B) enter your email.

Step 9

Provide Info

Complete the form so that we are able to:

1. Ship canvas paintings or prints to you

2. Send you updates about any community benefits and events you are a part of as a Vanishing Murals NFT holder

Step 10

Onboarding Successful

You should be able to see this short message if your information is entered correctly and submitted.

Step 11

View Your NFT

After you submit the form, you should automatically be sent to the "View Your NFT" page.

Log in with the same email address you used to purchase the NFT.

Step 12


You are now a proud owner of a Vanishing Murals NFT. If you purchased more than one NFT using the same email address, you should be able to view all NFTs on the same webpage.

Your ownership of the NFTs are recorded on the blockchain and are evolving in real time based on Hawaii ocean water temperatures.

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