For All Vanishing Murals NFT Holders

Starting from project launch on October 25th

  • From Jana Ireijo

    • 20% all prints + merchandise discounts
    • Early access to future NFT collections
  • From Our Partners

    • 15% off Alohi Kai Jewelry (1st purchase)
    • 20% off Kokua Suncare products
  • Ocean-Inspired Jewelry

    Handcrafted from sightings underwater in Hawaii's ocean

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  • Reef-Safe Sunscreen

    Created with care and love for your skin and the ocean

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  • Hawaii-inspired Woodwork Art

    Sculptures influenced by ancient Hawaiian mythology

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Tier-Based Benefits

A sampling of rewards that await our holders...

Benefits for

Super Collectors

1. Add a unique element* to the canvas painting drawn by artist Jana Ireijo

2. Unleash Your Creativity through Art - a 1:1 virtual session (1.5 hours) with artist Nadia Fairlamb (valued at $500)

*Options include an astrology sign, numbers, and/or (1) sea creature

Perks unlocked at

50% of NFTs Sold

1. Holder group lunch with artist Jana Ireijo (In-Person / Virtual)

2. Creativity for Non-Creatives - a virtual group learning session by Nadia Fairlamb

Perks unlocked at

100% of NFTs Sold

Super Collectors / Collectors

1. Exclusive invite to 70s themed gathering with artist Jana Ireijo

2. Be the Artist Assistant - Shadowing the Artist" Giveaway by artist Nadia Fairlamb

All Holders

1. Invite to participate in next art project by artist Jana Ireijo

2. Studio tour by artist Nadia Fairlamb

Welcome to Vanishing Murals: Hawaii Ocean

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