The Vanishing Murals Hawai'i Ocean NFT art project is Jana Ireijo’s genesis collection of 60 dynamic non-fungible token (NFT) artworks inspired by Hawai'i’s ocean, astrology and the 1970s. Preserving the unique element of “vanishing” in Jana’s art ethos, these whimsical NFTs evolve using ocean data to provide collectors a glimpse into the state of Hawai'i’s ocean and the implications for its marine life. 

Each design was elaborately hand painted on canvas and then digitized to create the NFT artwork. Upon purchase (mint), the NFT will reside on the Ethereum blockchain.

Holders of the Vanishing Murals NFT artworks will be given benefits and perks with our network of partners, all of whom are mission-aligned in ocean conservation and protection.

Join us to help Hawai'i's reefs

20% from the sale of each NFT artwork
will be donated to the Fish Pono - Save Our Reefs movement.

Press Release

“As the elements fade, and the portraits go dark; when it seems all hope is lost, the stars shine even brighter, showing us the way home”


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Curious about how the NFTs evolve?

Learn how we leverage live ocean data to create dynamic NFTs that reflect the state of Hawaii's ocean


: dream and fulfil


Featuring Makali’i 

(Pleiades Star Cluster)


: connect and bind

Pilina, As Above So Below

Featuring Hānaiakamalama

(Southern Cross)


: accent and grow

Stay Wild, Uluwehi

Featuring Hōkūpa’a 

(North Star)



Can you spot them in the NFT artworks?

  • Kokala (Porcupine Fish)

  • Limu (Seaweed)

  • Uhu (Parrotfish)

  • Manō (Shark)

NFT Package Options

Applicable to all (3) designs

  • Super Collector (0.6 ETH)

    *SOLD OUT*

    Dynamic NFT


    16" x 16" Canvas Painting


    *Stay Wild, Uluwehi

  • Collector (0.27ETH)

    (9) Available per Design

    Dynamic NFT


    16" x 16" Limited Edition Holofoil Print

  • Supporter (0.13ETH)

    (9) Available per Design

    Dynamic NFT Only


    16" x 16" Limited Edition Regular Print

1 ETH = Approx. US$2,061 (as of November 15, 2023)


What is an NFT?

NFT stands for "non-fungible token". NFTs are unique digital collectibles or assets recorded on the blockchain which shows proof of ownership and authenticity. The Vanishing Murals NFTs are digital artworks that have been created on canvas and then digitized as records on the Ethereum blockchain, each with its own unique identifier and issued by the artist, Jana Ireijo.

What makes the Vanishing Murals NFT artworks special?

The Vanishing Murals: Hawai'i Ocean NFT collection is Jana Ireijo's first NFT drop, and there will only be 57 available!

These NFTs are also "dynamic", meaning that they transform automatically based on Hawai'i ocean water temperatures every 12 hours, with data pulled from the Pacific Islands Ocean Observing System (PacIOOS).

Ocean water temperatures are a good indicator of whether coral reefs are able to thrive. For instance, if the ocean water temperature is too high or low, the NFT starts to vanish, signaling undesirable conditions for marine life. Learn more here.

Do I get benefits as a Vanishing Murals NFT holder?

Yes! We have curated and will continue to curate a host of benefits for Vanishing Murals NFT holders through our network of partners. Please refer to the Holder Benefits page.

How do I purchase a Vanishing Mural NFT artwork?

The Vanishing Murals NFT collection launches on October 25, Wednesday, 6pm (Hawaii Standard Time). Payment for the NFT can be made using a credit card or a Web3 wallet (with ETH cryptocurrency). For a step-by-step guide to purchase the NFT using a credit card, please see here.

How much do the NFT artworks cost?

The starting cost of each NFT artwork is 0.13ETH. There will be 3 pricing tiers:

  • NFT + 16" x 16" Original canvas painting (0.6ETH)
  • NFT + 16" x 16" Holofoil Print (0.27ETH)
  • NFT + 16" x 16" Regular Print (0.13ETH)

What can I use the NFT for?

The NFT can be used for personal purposes, including displaying it as art at home or your office, or using it as your personal profile picture. The NFT cannot be used for commercial purposes. By purchasing the NFT, you agree to the terms and conditions.

Isn't crypto bad for the environment?

The Ethereum blockchain has adopted the Proof-of-Stake (POS) consensus mechanism, which results in significantly less energy consumption. Per the Ethereum Foundation, the annualized energy consumption is 0.0026 TWh - much lower than other entities such as Netflix and Airbnb (Source).