View Your NFT

Are you a proud owner of a Vanishing Murals NFT?
Here are some ways you can enjoy it!

Option 1: Using Your Email Address to access your NFT(s)

When you purchased the NFT using your credit card, the platform automatically creates a Web3 "wallet" linked to and accessible via your email address. This Web3 wallet stores the NFTs you purchased.

  • Step 1

    Visit the "Profile" page through the "View Now" button below

  • Step 2

    Sign in using the same email address you used to purchase the NFT(s).

  • Step 3

    Enjoy the NFT(s) residing in your wallet and watch them change!

Option 2: Using Opensea

Open Sea is an NFT aggregator platform. Once an NFT is purchased, it will appear in Opensea. However, this option is a little more laborious as you have to look for your NFT and we recommend using Option 1. Please note that it takes time for the NFT to appear on Opensea.

  • Step 1

    Check the email sent to you from Vanishing Murals when you purchased the NFT.

  • Step 2

    Look for the 4 digits after "0x" - the 4 digits are the start of your wallet.

  • Step 3

    Click on a design you purchased. If the first 4 digits under "Owned By" is the same as your wallet, the NFT is yours!

Option 3: Using an NFT Frame

For those who would like to display your NFT as a regular artwork, we recommend using an NFT frame. Popular options include TokenFrame and Infinite Objects. Please note that you may have to transfer the NFTs to a wallet supported by the token frame providers.